Für jeden € 1, - Einkaufswert (einschließlich Versand) bekommst du automatisch 1 Ticket/Gewinnchance für das ausgewählte Auto.

    How can I win the A1 Quattro?

    1. Select how many Tickets/Chances to win you want by choosing one or more of our products down below.

    2. Order & Receive your selected products. Tickets will be credited to your customer account automatically.

    3. Win the 1 of 333 Audi A1 Quattro + 1-year insurance & maintenance!

    4. Visit us in Germany and join us on a Tour through the alps with your new 256 HP Audi A1 Quattro.


    • the keys to an Audi A1 Quattro 1 of only 333 worldwide
    • FREE insurance & maintenance for 1 year + the car’s taxes and transport costs are covered!
    • the chance to join us on a road trip through the alps with your new car

    What makes the A1 Quattro so SPECIAL?

    It’s ultra-rare. It’s ultra-fun to drive. And best of all, it’s all yours. You’re the proud new owner of an Audi A1 Quattro - 1 of only 333 worldwide!

    The absolute underdog among all A1s. It’s naughty, yet extravagant with a glacier white paint job, 18“ white painted wheels in a heritage-look, sports seats covered with Nappa leather, red details in the front lights, on the wheels & the interior which all combines an incomparable retro feeling with modern technology.

    It’s got a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged engine that delivers it’s 256 HP through a 6-speed manual transmission on all 4 wheels, pushing it in just 5.6 seconds from 0-100 km/h with a top speed of 272 km/h.

    And in honor of your new ride, we invite you on a road trip through the alps with your new car, to celebrate that you won the super rare Audi A1 Quattro. Including 1 year of Insurance & Maintenance for free. The car’s taxes and transport are all included.

    Select how many Tickets/Chances you want by choosing one or more of our products ⬇︎

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    1 Produkt

    1 Produkt