We are VIA (the way, the road) MONTIS (the mountain) 

Do you know what's annoying about most rare cars and sports cars? That these masterpieces of technology are rarely used, and if so, they are often taken for a calm ride on Sundays so that the tires do not get damaged from just standing in the garage. Are you shaking your head as well? Why are they building these types of cars then? Quite simply: Because people simply love the extraordinary and are far too often willing to do everything possible to feel special. True to the motto: higher, further, faster... To counter this and to give everyone the opportunity to own such a car, we take these cars out of their garages, drive them to places where you wouldn't even dream of they could even get there, capture these spectacular moments professionally and finally develop the highest quality print products, like this one, which are also the opportunity for you to get the chance of calling the vehicle shown 100% your own. Plus 1-year insurance and maintenance so you can really enjoy it - no matter how rare and expensive the car is. 

And now? What are you waiting for? The dream car is just a click away from your garage. We're keeping our fingers crossed for you!

Join us on the journey of your new dream-car

To start Viamontis, Tim Winters, the founder, bought an Audi A1 quattro, 1 of 333 worldwide, put some winter tires on it and drove the car we are now giving away, all the way up to Iceland. FULL STORY HERE

He took some breathtaking photos of it, with which we created a high quality fine art calendar as well as unique DIN A5 cards.

We are just starting so stay tuned for even crazier cars & adventures in future and don't forget to follow us on Instagram & YouTube.