How can I participate? 

  • You can participate in the competition, by buying one (or more) of our products. There is no limit about how much you can buy.

  • Per € 5,- purchase value you automatically get 1 Ticket/Chance to win from us. 

  • The Sale for the A1 Quattro giveaway products started on the 4th of February and lasts until the 4th of June 2020.

  • The winner will be selected by a lawyer & notary on the 8th of June 2020 - this will be broadcasted live on our YouTube & Instagram accounts, such as here on the website. 

What can you win? 

  • 1(one) Audi A1 Quattro used car with new summer tires (max. 2000 km driven), new brakes (max. 10.000 km driven) and service check (according to the vehicle's service plan, shortly before the vehicle is handed over to the winner in June 2020). The vehicle has been demonstrably owned by the managing director (Tim Julian Winters) of Viamontis GmbH since February 18, 2019 and has a maximum mileage of 65,000km when handed over to the winner. Viamontis GmbH pays the winner EUR 1.00 per transfer for each additional kilometer (on June 8th, 2020 - the winner will be drawn by a lawyer & notary).

  • New registration to the new owner

  • Assumption of service costs (according to the vehicle's service plan) up to a total mileage of 25,000 km from the handover date or within the first 365 days from the handover date, whichever occurs first. (No acceptance of damage and / or wear caused by improper use).

  • Assumption of the insurance costs of the vehicle (liability and partial coverage) within the first 365 days from handover / registration to the new owner.

  • Assumption of fees / taxes when the vehicle is imported into the country of the winner.

How do I get notified if I win?

We first try to notify you by simply calling you. If we don't have your number or can't reach you we will try it via E-Mail or last but not least by mail. You have 14 days until we are selecting a new winner, in case we couldn't reach you. 

Any other questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us on Instagram or via E-Mail at hello@viamontis.de if you have any other questions regarding our products, the giveaway or other inquiries. 


View our Terms of Participation here.